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Angelo's vision for the future in the Bahamas

During his 24 years in the Bahamas, Angelo built:


A museum and Hall of Fame where visitors, vacationers and especially students could browse through the corridors of Bahamian History and see scenes as well as other important information about individuals and establishments who contributed toward the development of The Bahamas from the historic landfall of Christopher Columbus in 1492 to Bahamian Independence in 1973, which would contain displays, (little) shops, selling antiques, original works of art, a graphic room containing scenes of the Islands, maps, documents and copies of scrolls in the museum and Hall of Fame.

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A number of studios producing pottery, ceramics and other saleable and/or sought- after items by residents and visitors.


Fully equipped with a printing division to make reproductions of maps and scenes of The Bahamas, quotes and sayings of others and myself, calligraphy
as well as commercial printing such as business
stationery, brochures, programmes, publications, etc .



One that would promote the Centre and also provide incoming vacationers with a publication containing directional maps and other valuable information that they could take home as souvenirs and conversational pieces and thereby encourage others to choose The Bahamas as their vacation destination.

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